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Her Step-Father Abuses Her. Then These Tough Bikers Pull Up And Do The Unthinkable…

Abused children are basically forgotten and pushed aside – they end up with all kinds of emotional problems when they grow up.

To have a group of people like this be there for them when they are need most is beyond words.

I can’t thank you enough, BACA, for helping these children – and there are so many of them.

This is a story about an amazing little girl that was able to see reality thru the pain of her past. And amazing biker’s connected to reality regardless of their appearance, what they look like. Outside of judgement more is possible. Discernment is not the same as judging.

Check out the story on the video below:

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Comments are below:

Patricia Somach : Trust me. If I were to see these people and know that I was in the wrong I sure wouldn’t hang around. They are scary by looks, but are some fantastic people. God bless them all.

Cindy Pagan : Thank you for what you do for the children you deal with. I spent many years while I was in college, working with abused kids. It is amazing how much such simple acts can change their lives forever!!! There needs to be MORE of you guys in all states.

Huguette Watkins : So true you must never judge a book by its cover this story prove it thanks God for three biker to save those girls that are abuse God Bless them

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