These Siblings Performing Their Traditional Christmas Dance Is Lighting Up The Internet

For these 8 siblings, it wouldn’t be Christmas without each throwing on one of mom’s old sweaters to perform a dance. It has become their tradition for these past 5 years now, so each time they turn on a Christmas hit or two you know that an amazing dance is right there to accompany it.

This year they chose Pentatonix “Dance Of The Sugar Plum Fairy” and Mariah Carey “All I Want For Christmas Is You,” resulting in a perfect combination for their epic dance. They don’t waste a single moment to draw you in with their moves as one brother stands tall when the music begins, and surprises you a second later.

For an exciting twist, they tag team for their performance as four of the siblings disappear for a minute to allow the other four to be in the spotlight. Before you know it, they switch off once again.

When their dance was released they wanted to note the current dance moves they included this year with both Juju on that beat and the Mannequin challenge. It is nearly impossible not to smile when you see them perform, watching how much fun they are having together as a family with each and every move.

Like many families, each year as Christmas rolls around they hang the beautiful Christmas lights, put up the Christmas tree and hang all the ornaments.

Some traditions like this are common, but certainly not their dance. When they strung the lights, it would have looked beautiful for any home, but for this family it made the perfect stage for their performance. Adding fun to the holidays in their unique way brings joy not only to them, but to all who see.

Credits: YouTube, Hearteternal

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