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North Korea wants the U.S. to surrender, and what it is threatening to do will leave you infuriated

North Korea’s government mouthpiece, DPRK Today, has published an article claiming North Korea is planning an attack on the United States to rival 9/11.

The bulletin featured images from the 2001 attack, while claiming:

If three civilian airplanes’ attacks from 15 years ago resulted in 3,000 deaths and brought a nightmare to life for the U.S., the outbreak of our final war will wipe the country from history, leaving no time [for them to] even regret or have nightmares about it.

The article described Americans as “flabbergasted” by the final showdown announcement and the impending pre-emptive nuclear strikes targeting the White House, Pentagon and “the U.S. imperialists’ war commands.” It argued that “being beaten by only three civilian airplanes, the U.S. was ashamed in front of the world and has suffered incalculable psychological and economical damage,” something North Korea claims it would easily be able to replicate.

The article claimed U.S. has no defense against the “most powerful, miniaturized, diversified weapon systems of [North Korea]” and called for the U.S. to surrender.

Will you [the U.S.] be gone from the face of the Earth trying to stop Chosun’s attacks with the shameful THAAD? Or will you kneel before us and save your life? The time has come, and the U.S. must make the choice.

The article was published on Friday, the same day North Korea fired short-range missiles into waters off its eastern coast.

According to a university lecturer who has watched North Korea for a long time, the threats are more connected with domestic issues than any real threat, NK News reports.

So the more North Korea is experiencing poor governance and policy failures, the more North Korean state media have to blame those failures on external sources,” he explains.

An expert quoted by the Inquisitr was more cautious, noting the clear shift in rhetoric recently. “Any time a nation threatens pre-emptive nuclear war, there is cause for concern. North Korea is no exception, with its […] shift in rhetoric from accusing the US of imagining a North Korean ballistic missile threat, to vowing to use its ballistic missile capabilities to strike the continental US.”

He still believes a 9/11 like attack is an exaggeration.

This latest threat comes just days after North Korea released a video of Washington, D.C., coming under attack of a CGI nuclear bomb, accompanied by music better suited to an ’80s movie workout montage.


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