Family Walks Past Homeless Man, Husband’s Actions Toward Him Change Their Lives Forever

GENTRI is known around the world as a talented trio of “gentlemen” tenors – and the three skilled men let their voices free during this amazing performance of “O Holy Night.”

The video that accompanies the song is almost as moving as their powerful voices!

At the beginning of GENTRI’s video, a father encounters a homeless man who helps attach a Christmas tree to the top of his car.Throughout the rest of the video, the father is haunted by the image of the homeless man, sitting alone and cold – until he finally does the right thing and tracks him down to a nearby shelter!

What an incredible video and what amazing men. They show that the true meaning of humans is to help those who really need it – not buy gifts and presents for the ones we love!

Giving back is the best way to show your true faith.

Credits: YouTube, Faithtap

If you don’t get a blessing from this, your blesser is broken!

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