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Do You Eat Pickles Regularly? I Had NO Idea They Could Do THIS To Your Body! – WOW

You either love pickles,  or you hate them. There’s no in-between. Pickle lovers, rejoice! Because naturally fermented pickles could be the key to your happiness.

You’ll be happy to know that naturally fermented foods actually have the ability to relieve anxiety and thus produce a greater sense of joy. Anxiety is an increasing problem these days and can limit a persons capability when it comes to certain things. The effect naturally fermented foods have is known as the  “anxiolytic effect.”

Scientists and researchers have proved a significant reduction in social anxiety and neuroticism in individuals who ate fermented foods.  This “anxiolytic effect” was published in the “National Center for Biotechnology Information.”

In the amazing video below they do a fantastic job of explaining the phenomenon. Your body is a temple, and it can do amazing things, turns out your stomach is a second brain. 90%  of our serotonin levels (the things that keep us happy) our found in the stomach. Fermented foods have a positive effect on our digestive system due to their richness in probiotics, which in turn increases our serotonin!

It doesn’t take a genius to work out that a healthier stomach equal a healthier brain. As we get older it is important that we look after our bodies, that is why we should read up on what we are putting in our bodies and what can benefit us in the long run. I don’t know about you, but I’ll be having an extra side of pickles with my dinner tonight. I love the things, can’t get enough of them. Mmmm!


Credits: Barbara Mendez | Auntyacid

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