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Cat Kidnaps Puppies And Brings Them To Her Own Home. The Reason Why Melted My Heart

Mrs. Kitty is a cat with a mother’s heart. Sadly, she has no kittens of her own to take care of. Instead, she’s got a litter of puppies. Her owner, Missy Grant, shared her remarkable story with the world. After losing her own litter, Mrs. Kitty decided to kidnap a litter of puppies instead! Don’t worry, the puppies were actually being neglected by their own mother for some reason, so being adopted worked out quite well for them.

Mrs. Kitty came and rescued them one by one and brought them to her house. She cares for them just like a mother would, even giving them baths. These pups really couldn’t have asked for better circumstances, as they have the most loving mom in the world now.

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Credits: ibequeen | wimp

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