2016 May Be The Dumbest Year On Record, These 28 Things Prove It

While making this post, I read some of these to my grandparents and my grandma just rolled her eyes at me and said “that’s your generation” And this really makes me sad, but it’s true.

1. This spaghetti & driving incident:

The spaghetti incident:

2. The shocking pain:

Terrible illnesses:

3. The hitting Head:

Head injuries:
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4. Have you heard about this kind of salad:

The worst kind of salad:

5. If people are cooking chicken like this, I hope they enjoy salmonella:

Delicious, medium-rare chicken:

6. That lasagna – crispy – children:

Delicious, crisp children:

7. Teacher, is this your student? Ohh pleasee:

Teachers skatin' around:
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Twitter: @IdiotOlympics